Internet Download Manager not working on Firefox? Here’s the solution!

By this time most of us have updated our Firefox browser to the latest release. The latest Firefox version is quite efficient and works without a glitch. Most of the programs work perfectly well without any integration problems. But if you are using Internet Download Manager (IDM) for download purpose and you have a recent version of Firefox browser, then you might have faced integration problems with the browser and the download manager.

Well, I just found out the solution for it!

Internet Download Manager not working on Firefox

Here’s whatΒ  you have to do:

  • Head over to Firefox add-ons page and download Flashgot Add-on for Firefox (Compatible with the latest release).
  • After installing the add-on, restart the browser.
  • Go toΒ  Tools > FlashGot > More Options > General Tab.

  • IfΒ  IDM is already installed on the computer, it automatically gets selected, if not browse on the general tab and locate IDM.
  • Next, select the “Auto Start Download” option.

That’s pretty much it! You can now download stuff using IDM, fully integrated with the Firefox browser.

UPDATE: FlashGot Add-On is no longer available.

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  1. Lucas Peacecraft

    Thanks this helps me out.

  2. Ram Agarwal

    Thanks a lot…

    Nice Trick.Now I can upgrade my firefox to V4.0.


  3. mboiez

    firefox 4.0 not support add-ons IDM because it will be crash with program, and after i was trying the way that your recommend, firefox 4 still had crash and error program

    can you give more suggestion ? thanks

  4. Collin

    Seems like the downloaded filename are not named properly. Any idea how to fix this?

  5. maya

    thanks so much it works!

  6. HamZa

    I can’t download Videos from YOUTUBE !!
    I’m Waiting for The New Version of IDM it works on Mozilla Firefox 4 ..

  7. nirvana

    ive done all steps but will i be able to download video????using IDM???

  8. pratik

    thx a lot…really helpful! πŸ™‚

  9. sexyboy

    It works but the function to download streaming videos are not working T_T


    that dosn’t work.. it just open the IDM window without downloading :s

  11. Sam Khan

    Hey Guys thank you so much πŸ™‚ It works good on youtube and fb videos downloads. Plus other downloads are working good on it.

  12. Axl

    To bad it doesn’t work for download streaming videos T_T.

  13. Vincent

    it’s working for download file.. but not for download video from Youtube.. ane suggestion??

  14. Umut

    Use the link to upgrade your IDM Firefox Add-On to the recent version.

    1- Open Firefox 4,
    2- Paste the link to the addressbar and Go,
    3- Wait for the download,
    4- Restart Firefox,
    5- Enjoy.

  15. Rachy

    Thanks Umut!!

  16. sarah

    tnx but how we can download youtube video?

  17. GaTTo

    EXCELENTE!!!!! funca de 10 i si quieren descargar videos solo deben presionar Alt+F7 bueno asi funca en mi pc gracias por el tuto funca a la perfeccion.

  18. hanumanth

    thnx umut..i got it..iam able to download youtube videos as well

  19. jaenne

    Thanx Umut!.it really work for donwload streaming video!

  20. jay

    wOw!!!super!! thank god that i found this website!this really helps me a using firefox 4.0 beta now, and i find it hard to use the IDM in order to download my favorites videos, but when i followed the steps provided above it really works!i can now start to download, thank you so much guys(with a smile in my lips)..

  21. ashwin

    Hey Umut

    It worked like a charm ,but

    How did u updated the addon

    At the official mozilla site the latest addon is not compatible

  22. Kimo

    Thanx Umut !! it works =)

  23. eror

    tnx umut.. nice work!

  24. nishal

    thanx man…….

  25. pyoubcozjc

    i have add ons form idm for mozilla firefox 4.0

  26. cybertraune

    We can integrate IDM to firefox even without flash GOT but the download panel for downloading streaming videos wont work in firefox 4.0

  27. cybertraune

    The update posted by Umut works perfectly,thnx umut,in the mean time the flash got can be removed without affecting anything

  28. wow it does work, great!
    thanks a lot πŸ˜€

  29. Brazuka

    tks a lot!

  30. rose

    Umut… thank you so much, it worked so finee!

  31. Enzo


  32. Kit

    Wow…thanks a lot Umut.

  33. Kpabz

    thanks a lot..really got a problem with that but thanks with your help..

  34. Africanuser

    it works!!!! thank u, it’s great
    from all those who didn’t greet u before and those who won’t do it in the future

  35. ^LOL Africanuser. Thanks, Merci, Danke, Dhanyavad!
    Glad it helped you πŸ™‚

  36. Moein

    guys, do you know why idm6 in firefox4 does not download the fully buffered video with just a click anymore? ?(it starts downloading it all over again)

  37. Johan


  38. Arunangshu Pal

    Thanks a lot!! Works perfectly!

  39. Fajar

    Thanks man… u saved my free time πŸ˜€ (my father gets noisy about IDM not integrated and all)

  40. Here is another solution:

    1. Run Firefox 4.
    1. Click link then click allow for this extension.
    3. Wait, restart your browser, and check on add-ons>extension for your idm extension.

    Try it! Good luck!

  41. Yogi

    None solution worked for firefox 4… but

    Solution by p1do7 worked for me.. Thanx a lot and god bless you….

  42. uday

    thanxs man but its not work . . . . . . . .

  43. klase

    it’s worked, thanks it’s very helpful

  44. Aria

    thanks , it works with FF 5 , too ! I really am thankful

  45. Alva

    thx for the info, it works well now

  46. urameshi

    thank it’s been work for me but the youtube videos i cannot download it!!!can you post another detail about this problem!!thanks again!

  47. partha

    thanx p1do7…..ur sol really works!! nw i can download youtube videos in firefox 5.01. god bless u

  48. Shabbir

    Lot of Thanx. It’s working now. I really thankful to this adviser.

  49. Moumen_sol

    many thanks for your help!!!!

  50. Tridip40

    hey mannnn thanx a lot…. i was using 3.6 for too long…. now i can use 7.0.1

  51. Aliasif028

    How to integrate idm with Mozilla Firefox?
    Please Visit

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