Identify & follow Twitter users of your interest with BlastFollow

BlastFollow is a simple website that allows you to follow users that have a common interest. To use BlastFollow, simply enter a favorite hashtag (for example, “Windows  7”) in the box. Then, click the “Get Users!” button.

After a few seconds, you will see the number of users who tweeted with that hashtag recently. Then, you need only enter your Twitter name and password and click “Blast!” You will start following all of those users. You can usually see the progress on a user-by-user basis.

For example, I am a Tech enthusiast, so I searched for the keyword “Windows  7” and entered my Twitter log-in credentials. That’s it! I automatically start following other twitter users who also are related with the keyword “Windows 7”.

Just a note of caution, the web app will en masse follow all the one’s identified!

To try this, go to

This is probably a good way to follow others and also increase your followers.

If you want to follow The Windows Club on Twitter, you can always do so here. 🙂

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