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Hybrid file converting freeware for Windows, is great for advance and novice users

Hybrid is one of the best video and audio file converter software we have ever come across in a long time. It works as expected, but like every software, there are problems that need fixing.

Hybrid file converting software

The first thing one will notice about Hybrid is the 88MB file size, but that’s just scratching the iceberg. Once the data is extracted, it turns out to be a whopping 388MB file, which means, a user would need to have at least 400MB worth of free space on their drives to take advantage of this splendid conversion software.

Despite the large size, installation should be relatively fast, but it might all come down to the power of the computer it is being installed on. In fact, a more robust system would get more out of Hybrid in all-round performance, but this should be known by anyone who has extensive experience in converting video and audio files.

We should point out that Hybrid makes some key changes to the operating system. Our antivirus program warned us during installation that Hybrid was attempting to modify a key DLL. We’re not sure what it is, but we can say after days of use, the software doesn’t seem to have caused any damage to the software, and that’s splendid news so far.

We also scanned the PC after the installation and our anti-virus program did not come up with any problems, so from all indication, Hybrid is clean.

What Hybrid brings to the Table

The software is capable of converting several video and audio files. Users also have the ability to create chapters automatically, or manually should they wish. There’s also an integrated bit-rate counter though not everyone would be interested in it.

Situated on the user interface, are several buttons. But that’s OK if you’re a novice because hovering the mouse pointer over any button will show what it does, so clicking on the wrong thing is out of the question here.

Ever had trouble attempting to separate audio from a video file? Well, Hybrid has a  way to make such a task much easier.

Bear in mind that Hybrid was designed for both advanced and novice users in mind, so getting the job done shouldn’t be much of a hassle, especially for the novice.

The only downside here is the lack of GPU support. We can only hope a future version is able to take advantage of powerful GPUs for faster conversion. For those who might want GPU support, we can say for certain that Hybrid is not for you. But those who don’t, it is perfectly fine.

Hybrid is great for what it is capable of doing and can be download here for free of charge. It is multi-platform and worked just fine on my Windows PC. You might want to also take a look at this YouTube to MP3 converter freeware too.