Humor: Will Google BlackMail you if don’t sign up for Google+ ?

Do you have a Google+ account? Or I better ask, do you use your Google+ ID? If not, start using it otherwise you’d be in a big trouble. Don’t forget Google has all your naughty Web searches, video chats and your Google Street View shots.


What if Google was to get angry at you for using other social networking sites than Google+!? Would it start blackmailing you if you don’t start using your Google+ ID. You won’t be able to post a comment on a YouTube video without signing in to your G+ account. Either you sign up for Google+ or Google will release all your private information it has! Don’t believe me? Have a look at this humorous video from CollegeHumour entitled, “Google is Going to Blackmail You”.

Google is trying harder than ever to force people to sign up for Google Plus. And now, they’ve discovered a new strategy to do this: either you join Plus, or they’ll release your search history and all the private information they’ve learned about you over the years.

Google has been trying hard to make Google Plus the top social media network and is now angry that no-one wants to use that. So, take it to the chin, and sign up. This is probably the best you can do now. Deactivate your Facebook account and stop tweeting or pinning, you better start using Google + before your search histories and personal mails become a blackmail fodder for Google.

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