HTC to bring Sense UI to Windows Phone 7

When Microsoft revealed that the Windows Phone 7 had a distinct UI (“Metro UI”) as they call it, they also said that they will have the control over the user interface which will make the other custom User Interfaces like the HTC Sense virtually impossible to be ported on to the Windows Phone 7 devices.

But recently HTC’s Drew Bamford in an interview conducted by Forbes revealed his plans about bringing the Sense UI to the upcoming Windows Phone7.

Though he mentioned that the newer Sense UI won’t be same as that of  the present Windows Mobile 6.5 interface; but with several modifications to fit into the Windows Phones.

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“HTC will improve Sense UI by adding new experiences and evolving others. The current version of the software is people-centric, emphasizing the aggregation of social feeds and photos of people deemed important to users. In the future, Sense will also make discovering and sharing media-music, video, mobile applications and books-easier.”

This means that we won’t get the whole Sense UI on our Windows Phones 7, but we might be able to get some part of its functionality and features.

They have also hinted about bringing some new features on the Phones like Cloud Services, so that users can stream the data over the air.

It however remains to be seen, upto what extent HTC can bring the Sense UI magic for the Windows Phone7 devices.

Lets just hope that they can figure something out prior to the launch .

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