HTC Home for Windows, a standalone Weather, Clock and News Feed Gadget


  1. Lousy. Looks nice, but shows New York, regardless that I tell it otherwise. “Automatic Location” was checked. I unchecked it; I rechecked it. I closed the program then reopened it. I rebooted the computer. The app still had me in New York. I live in Texas. Never been to NYC, never want to be in NYC. Uninstalled it.

  2. After doing the post on the application apparently the developer updated today to an earlier version which does not include the news feed. The current version is 1.5, if your wanting the news feed you can download version 2.0 by going to the download page via the download button on the homepage and choosing v2.0 Build 131. As stated this is an ongoing project so keep your eye on the developers page as he is updating almost daily with improved builds of the application 🙂

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