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HP Stream 14-inch Notebook Review

HP Stream 14-inch Notebook specifications have become a talking point for many. The machines is already being branded as Chromebook killer. The launch is indicative of the fact that Microsoft is taking the threat from Google Chromebook seriously.

HP Stream Notebook

Until recent years, low end PCs and laptops were found to be painfully slow however, more modern processors supported by most Notebooks nowadays are absolutely adequate to meet your power requirements. HP Stream Notebook runs on an AMD A4 Micro-6400T Quadcore processor. Its APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) has been designed specifically to compete with Intel’s dual-core Celeron product line.

Apart from the above, HP has decided to doled out 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage for two years for its users, and 25GB of Dropbox storage for six months at no additional cost. Besides, there’s a chance of getting a trial to Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, though for 30 days only.

HP Stream Notebook comes close to Chromebook on many grounds. For instance, at 3.8 pounds, HP Stream Notebook weighs the same as the Chromebook 14, and, like that system, includes HDMI port, a microSD card slot and three USB ports. I would find it interesting to compare the performance of the Chromebook against HP Stream side by side, at some point.

Build quality of the HP Stream looks good with an aluminum deck and top cover. It’s done away with the usual tacky plastic, a characteristic feature of Chromebooks and lower cost Windows laptops. I would say, it’s a good deal if not best when it comes to Chromebooks and Windows laptops in the $200 to $300 range. Even some preliminary video reviews, confirm my stand.

The thermal profile of the AMD processor supported by HP Stream is low. This eliminates the need/requirement of having any sort of cooling fans. Plus, tests show us  that the notebook can last up to 6.5 hours on a charge. Topping all these, is sound capability of HP Stream. As a multimedia system, the HP Stream has four Beats audio speakers, enough to attract/pull consumers craving for a decent quality laptop that has low cost, still capable of running basic Windows apps along with providing a good online audio video experience.

Although a limited amount of storage on the Stream may prevent you from buying it, other factors just might force you to open your wallet!