HP OMEN 15 Laptop for Powerful and Immersive Gaming

HP has come up with a special gaming laptop HP OMEN 15 with some top-notch features and a sleeker body. The new OMEN 15 laptop is powered by 8th Gen Intel Core i+H-series quad or six-core CPUs and hoard up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics.

HP OMEN 15 LaptopHP OMEN 15 Laptop

HP promises the stunning visuals with the 4k display on its 15.6-inch diagonal screen for a spruced up gaming experience. This Windows 10 laptop with built-in mixer-streaming and stereo speakers will help gamers interacting better with the fellow gamers which will certainly improve the online gaming experience.

Features and Specifications of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

  • 26–key rollover anti-ghosting- the 26-key rollover will give you an ultimate gaming experience by letting you execute multiple commands in one go. You can now run, reload, and attack simultaneously.
  • Independent macro keys- Enjoy your fierce strategic advantage with the independent macro keys on the new HP OMEN 15.
  • RAM– the HP OMEN 15 laptop has the RAM up to DDR4-2666 RAM.
  • Display– Amazing visuals on its 15.6-inch diagonal 60Hz 1080p, 60Hz 4k, and 144 Hz 1080p display, with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.
  • Dragon Red backlit keyboard- This backlit keyboard with a highlighted WASD is a perfect gaming laptop giving you an intense feel and making every keystroke with perfect precision.
  • Network Booster- The built-in streaming mixer reduces the latency and prioritizes the gaming network traffic by sending the gaming traffic on the fastest network available.
  • Processor– The laptop is powered with 8th Generation Intel Core i+ H-series quad or six-core CPUs and can very well power the memory intensive programs and can manage the multi-tasking programs too.
  • Storage-Storage options include SSD, HDD, HDD+SSD and HDD+ Intel Optane memory
  • Cooling Options– Because it is designed specifically for gamers, this laptop comes with a 3 phase motor and larger fans and larger vents. It also has fluid dynamic bearings which create less friction and maintains better fan speed for better cooling.
  • Speakers– Gaming would be no fun without good speakers. Thus the new HP Omen 15 comes with Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers with an audio amplifier.

Furthermore, the Philips-head screws on the bottom give you access to single panel storage and memory. This special gaming laptop will be available for sale by 29th July 2018 with a starting price of $979.99. The laptop initially will be made available only on HP.com. There is no further news about its availability on other online portals or in the local HP stores.

Along with this interesting gaming laptop, HP has also launched a few gaming accessories which include:

The Omen by HP Sequencer Keyboard-

HP claims it to be ten times faster than the other traditional gaming switches. With its 0.2ms response time, this special gaming keyboard from HP features optical-mechanical Blue switch technology. Some other notable features of this keyboard include the dedicated media keys, a

better roller bar, and backlit RGB LED. This keyboard will be available for sale in July and will come with a price tag of $179.99.

HP Omen Reactor Mouse

This special gaming mouse comes with an aluminum metal USB cable and is thus more durable as compared to the regular cables. It is designed with an optical-mechanical technology which gives a quick 0.2ms response time on both its right and left buttons. The mouse hoards an esports-grade 16,000 DPI model sensors which deliver a great speed and precision. Rubber grips and adjustable palm grips are some of its other notable features. This HP OMEN Reactor Mouse will go on sale from July with a price tag of $79.99.

The Omen by HP Mindframe Headset

This special gaming headset works on an active earcup cooling technology, says HP. This technology keeps you cool even under pressure with the help of the thermoelectric device inside the earcup. Other notable features of this headset include the luxurious and comfortable fit, immersive audio, noise canceling, and RGB lighting. You have to wait for this piece of excellence as the availability, and the price of this headset is yet not disclosed by HP.com.

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