Virtualize & run Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7 in Windows 7

Microsoft has released a whitepaper on Solutions for Virtualizing & running older versions of Internet Explorer in Windows 7. This white paper provides information to help you select the Internet Explorer virtualization alternative that is appropriate for your organization.

Guide To Virtualizing Internet Explorer

The Windows 7 operating system and its default browser, Windows Internet Explorer 8, offer many exciting new features and benefits. However, organizations may find that some of the older applications they rely on are not yet functional or supported in the new Windows 7 operating system. These applications may require a previous version of the Windows operating environment; one running Windows Internet Explorer 7 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft provides several alternate ways to create a virtual operating environment on which you can run earlier versions of Internet Explorer. These virtualization options include Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), Windows XP Mode, and Terminal Services. These solutions can deliver a seamless and cost-effective way for organizations to continue to run their older applications.

To determine which virtualization option is most appropriate for your organization, consider the following questions:

  • How big is your organization?
  • How many users will need the Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 6 browser?
  • Which of your existing servers and licenses can you use?
  • Is your network centrally managed, for example, with Microsoft System Center or Active Directory?
  • Do you have a dedicated system administration staff?
  • What are the connectivity requirements for your chosen IE 7 0r IE 6 environment?
  • What is your budget?

This white paper provides information to help you select the virtualization alternative that is appropriate for your organization. This paper provides the benefits, costs, and limitations of each virtualization option; it also describes step-by-step guidance and best practices for setting up the virtual environments and for running them securely.

Download the guide: Solutions for Virtualizing Internet Explorer.

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