How to use Google Keep effectively


  1. Google Keep doesn’t have any sorting feature, so it is absolutely useless for keeping and organising more than ten notes. We need basic sorting in all notes and basic sorting in one note, especially if it is a list.

  2. I suppose, being Google, they expect us to use search vs sorting and finding. There is a bit of sorting (or grouping, really) with the colors. This is how many apps of theirs work ‘inbox’ ‘picasa’ and the like.

  3. Maybe, but for serious work with notes one need sorting as well as searching. With sorted data you can easy see similar data, you can quickly find missing things. How can one find missing thing with search? 🙂 All other notes keeping apps have sorting feature, so this fact disqualifies Keep for people that use a lot of notes. I think OneNote is winner now.

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