How to use a Laptop Lock to secure your laptop in public places

Laptops have become an everyday gadget to most of the people around the world. This gadget has multi-utility and can be used for preparing presentations, net surfing, for entertainment purposes like watching movies, listening to songs, etc. Gone are the days where you have to sit in front of your desktops or personal computers till you finish your work because Laptops have made life simpler – but the laptop’s portability has also made it easier for the thieves to steal. A Laptop Lock is a new age gadget that helps to safeguard your laptop from theft. Let us read more to understand how to use this lock.

Laptop lock

Why is a Laptop Lock needed

Losing a laptop can turn into a devastating event. This is because laptop consists of all the important data like files, photos, passwords, etc. which if lost can compromise the safety and security of your sensitive data. So it is important to find ways in which you can protect your laptop as well as the data stored on it from being stolen. There are various ways in which you can safeguard your laptop like installing tracking software, following various security tips and using various tools. You will find various tools in the market that help in securing your laptop, and one such popular tool is Laptop Lock.

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How to use a Laptop Lock

As the name suggests, a laptop lock looks like a physical lock that helps in securing your laptop. The laptop lock works similar to the physical lock. For using the laptop lock, you need to insert in the universal slot of the laptop, and it is ready for use. These laptops locks can easily turn your portable laptop into an immovable object thereby securing your laptop from theft.

The laptop lock is not a graceful looking tool but it surely capable of securing your laptop from theft. The working of the laptop lock is very simple. It works same as bicycle chain locks so at one end you have the lock that you have to insert into the laptop while the other end is a long metal chain that you have to wrap around a heavy immovable object. This is to be done because the immovable object acts as an anchor and restricts the portability and movement of your laptop.

Steps to secure your laptop using a laptop lock

  1. The first step in using the laptop lock is by determining whether your laptop is compatible with using such locks. For determining whether or not your laptop is compatible look at the sides or back of your laptop and look for the universal security slot called as USS. This universal security slot is similar to a round hole that looks like a headphone jack. In some laptop models, it is situated on the sides while in some they are placed at the back of the laptop. This laptop lock USS hole is 1/3 inches in size and has a picture of a ‘lock’ carved next to the slot. Nowadays almost all the laptops come with this slot but if you are unsure whether your laptop has this slot or not it is always recommended to contact the manufacturer of your laptop.
  2. Upon buying the laptop lock it’s time to unpack it for use
  3. Remove all the packaging material including the twist tie that is present around the cord
  4. Upon opening, wrap the long metal chain of the laptop lock to a heavy stationary object. Choose the stationary object which is heavy for the thief to lift. Once you have wrapped the metal chain insert the laptop lock through the metal chain to create a loop. This loop secures the laptop even further.
  5. Now push the other end of the metal chain, i.e, the head of the laptop lock into the universal security slot.
  6. While setting up laptop lock if you have a key unlocking system then it is very easy to unlock it but if the laptop lock needs a punching key combination or numerical numbers to unlock it then set the combination that is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.
  7. Setting up combination keys before inserting the laptop lock is important as you will not be able to remove this lock until you enter or punch in either the combination key or unlock it with keys.
  8. If the laptop lock is using key then to unlock it you have to insert the key in the lock and twist it around to unlock it, and if the lock uses combination based locking system, then you ha,ve to punch by adjusting each wheel until you enter correct key. Once you enter the correct key, then the lo,ck will allow you to remove the laptop lock from your computer. For combination based locking system the key is usually a combination of four-digit numbers.

Thus in this manner, you can set up the laptop lock onto your laptop and secure it against any sort of theft or misuse. Inserting this lock into the universal security slot of your laptop makes it impossible for the thieves to lift them making it theft-proof. The laptop lock is so secure that it is impossible for the thief to cut it and even breaking the lock is out of the question if the thief wants a working laptop as pulling or breaking the laptop lock will damage the laptop.

A laptop lock is the most secure form of tool used to safeguard portable laptops especially at places offices, coffee shops, cafeteria, restaurants and Wi-Fi areas of hotels. Using a laptop is especially useful when you want to leave your laptop alone for some time in a public place.

Laptop Locks are boon and a very useful tool that you cannot afford not to use – especially if you travel a lot!

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