How to track your Google AdSense payment cheque

In our opinion, Google Adsense has advantages and it has advantages; except for one! Why on earth can they not use PayPal for making payment? Direct Transfers too are not available in all the countries!  They spend a good amount of time and resources in packing and sending our Cheque – and this is one cost they could save!

While most of the time I get my payment by 7th of every month, this month this wasn’t the case I waited till 9th and got impatient and then started looking for it, in case I have a chance to track my payment and guess what – YES, it’s possible, you can actually track your pay check.

So let’s find out HOW !

Google sends the Adsense check by BlueDart Courier Services. You can track status of your Adsense check by using the reference number provided by Adsense.

1. Login to your Google Adsense account.

2. Navigate to My Accounts > Payment History

3. Click on the Details link for the month of which you want to track payment.

4. Now note the Tracking Number and head over to

5. You will find Track your shipment box in the left sidebar. Enter the tracking number you  have just obtained and click on Go.

6. You can see the delivery status of your Google AdSense check.

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