How to take Windows Phone Screenshots or Screen Capture

Well, right now there is no third part tool for capturing screenshots on Windows Phone 7; nor is this feature expected to come soon. Till then, you might want to check out these 3  posts!

Windows Phone 7 Screen Capture

I’ve done a fair amount of Windows Phone 7 screen capture over the last few weeks so I thought it might be worth sharing my approach both for video and stills. In particular, when you submit your application to MarketPlace you must include a screenshot in PNG format with dimensions 480×800 pixels. The Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements document states:

For each application, you must provide at least one or up to a maximum of eight screenshots. The users see this screenshot in the details page of the catalog before they make a purchase. The screenshot should be a direct capture of the phone screen or emulator. Graphically- enhanced screenshots are not allowed.

RedBit Screen Capture

I decided to create a quick sample app that captures the screen on both platforms to compare the code. The sample app basically just places the captured screen inside a PictureBox control (NETCF 3.5) or Image control (Silverlight for WP7). The outer PictureBox/Image control just displays some standard images that come with Windows 7.

Visit for more!

WP7 Screenshot Tool

As an iPhone developer I was a big fan of the iPhone Simulator Cropper that a company called Curious Times had developed. This was one tool that I truly missed when I started working on a version of our iPhone app Cardinal for Windows Phone 7.


Thanks Vikram, MVP, for the heads up!

Also see this tool.

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  1. This is only for developers to take screenshots when testing apps on the PC using the simulator. Not for end users. Windows 7 Snip Tool works just fine too.

  2. Walikrama

    i need screen shots apps for my lumia windows phone. because i need to capture maps, latitude and longitude, payment cinfirmation, etc

  3. Alim Tahir

    I need it.

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