How to sync folders using Windows Live Mesh

The Windows Live Mesh and the Devices website allows you to access the stuff on your computers from almost anywhere. Windows Live Sync has now been replaced by the Windows Live Mesh 2011, earlier known as Live Mesh beta.

Sync folders using Windows Live Mesh

And how is Windows Live Mesh 2011 different from Windows Live Sync? Well, to begin with, Windows Live Mesh 2011 is a lot more refined and offers two unique features Cloud Storage and Remote Desktop – with copy-paste feature.

Sky Drive already offers 25Gb file storage space, but we additionally get 5Gb Space for the “Sky Drive Synced Storage”.

How to Sync your files:

Login to your Live account an go to Devices.

Click on “View Synced Folders”.

If you have not installed the Windows Live Essentials then it will show as:

Now click on “Sky Drive Synced Storage”, again if Windows Live Mesh 2011 is not installed, it will show you a screen like:

Install Windows Live Mesh by downloading Windows Live Essentials.

Next, click on sync a folder. A new window will open.

Select a folder and it will be stored on the Cloud storage.

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Later you can verify that your files have been synced properly.

If you want to sync your home and office computer then you can also do that also. Simply click on the REMOTE option.

Next, select “Allow remote connections to this computer”.

Click on “Connect to another computer” and you are all set to sync your files between the two computers.

  • If the computer you want to connect to doesn’t appear in the list, you need to log on to it and allow remote connections to it. You don’t need to allow remote connections to the computer you’re connecting from.
  • If you’re connecting from a computer that doesn’t have Windows Live Mesh installed, go to the Windows Live Devices website, and then click Connect to this computer.

You can also add your mobile phone number also to sync documents of your phone. For all those users who remain online extensively – this is a very useful option for them as it allows them to sync their documents from all devices. To enhance the user experience and make it easier, best to use Office Live Web apps for preparing their documents.

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