How to sync folders using Windows Live Mesh


  1. Live Mesh is a major downgrade from Mesh. It was better in every way imaginable. Microsoft messed up another good thing, just like they are in the process of doing with Windows Home Server by dropping drive extender capability. Honestly, I could create a Fortune 500 company just off the products Microsoft threw away.

    PS – grab a HP Mediasmart home server while you still can. You won’t be sorry. With Microsoft crippling WHS in the upcoming Vale version, HO has dropped the Mediaserver and they’ll soon become scarce.

  2. I completely agree with TheBigOldDog, Live Mesh 2011 is so much worse than when it was in Beta (Live Mesh), not to mention it does not support Windows XP. That is just wrong, how many people have no option of upgrading their work pc which is still on Windows XP?

  3. Add one more to the dissatisfied. I was pleased with livesync since it was Foldershare – I don’t need the ‘features’ of a piddle of storage online and remote desktop built in (that’s what VNC is for). Disabling live sync for this bloated (50k RAM at times, plus 2-3 extra services running) barely functional program is ridiculous.

    I see this as a drive to push clients to their online for-fee storage product.

  4. I agree with what all you say. Live Mesh Beta was indeed better than this, but it is also not so bad…..Ya the support for Windows XP should have been there but I guess we will see inbuilt utilities to sync data with Live Mesh 2011 in the Windows 8.

  5. Live Sync also:-
    – allowed you to chose the destimation folder that you wanted at the time of accepting the invitation,
    – allowed you to set Permissions, so that the recipient could only View – threby making sure that they would not change or delete your documents (really nice for sharing with outside parties). Both of th current permission options allow the recipient to delete.

    I have written to them a number of times. Why remove fnctionalit that was there, and being used?

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