How to stop annoying YouTube recommendations on your profile

YouTube is notorious for showing video recommendations, but most of the time, these recommended videos are not of your taste at all. You see, the folks at YouTube will love to believe their algorithm is super smart, but that is far from the truth. We must say, the modern YouTube, in terms of features, is much better when compared to its earlier versions. Then again, the older version had a simpler user interface, and a lot of users from that era will likely say it was better. 

However, we cannot downplay how important the recommend videos section is. Several times it shows videos that I’ve come to enjoy, but for the majority of the videos shown, they were garbage or not of my taste at all. If you’re having issues with this feature and would prefer just to get rid of it or whatever else, well, we’ve got your back.

Stop or remove Recommended videos on YouTube

Are you being annoyed by YouTube recommendaton videos that are not recommending content you want to see? Using these tips, you can remove YouTube video recommendations and stop them from appearing at the end of a video:

  1. Delete YouTube search history
  2. Delete Watch history
  3. Remove YouTube Recommended videos using Chrome extension.

Let us see this in details.

1] Delete YouTube search history

OK, so deleting the search history won’t remove recommendations, but it will set it all back to default. Once that is done, the system will start over again in trying to recommend the right videos based on the ones you’ve searched for before. 

To delete the history, click on your username, and from the menu, select Your Data In YouTube. After that, click on Manage your YouTube Search History, All Time, then Delete, and that’s it, buddy. 

2] Delete Watch history of YouTube videos

The next thing to do here is to delete the Watch history. To get this done, simply click on your username, then Your Data In YouTube, Manage your YouTube Watch History.  Over at the left-pane, click on Delete Activity By, select All Time from the drop-down menu, and finally, click on Delete.

Deleting the watch history is very important because it does not contain a range cap at all. It means if you had created your YouTube account in 2009, and has never deleted your watch history, then all of that data is still stored on YouTube servers. 

3] Remove YouTube Recommended videos using Chrome extension

You are fed up with these crazy videos and just want the recommendation aspect of the homepage gone. We understand your pain, so follow this guide, and you’ll be alright after taking a nap. 

First up, you will need to download Google Chrome or any Chromium-based web browser like the new Edge. After doing so, download and install the extension called Remove YouTube Recommended Videos. It will remove the recommendation section from your homepage. 

That’s it, now go on ahead and have a nice day.

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