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How to share your Office OneNote Notebooks online

You can share your Microsoft Office One Note 2010 Notebooks with your family, friends or colleagues anytime you want. OneNote provides a simple and easy way to do so. You just need your Windows Live ID to Sync with OneNote and it will then do the rest for you.

To share your Notebook, take the following steps:

1. Open the Notebook which you want to share, then click on Share option from the menu bar and now select the Share This Notebook option.

2. If you have already signed in with your Windows Live Id then click onweb from Share On option or else first Sign in using your Windows Live ID.

3. Now your Notebook is shared on the Web. Use the Location URL provided to share Notebook with anyone you want. If you want you can email it to anyone using E-mail others to share about the Notebook option also.

See, it is so simple to do tasks with Office OneNote 2010.

Enjoy Sharing!

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