How to share links to Windows Phone 7 Apps without using Zune

I was reading an article over at Lifehacker, listing their favorite Windows Phone 7 apps and came across a comment by the user ne2000 and felt it was worth sharing to everyone.

Let me start by saying I actually like the Zune software, but if you’re browsing you can get a little confused by everything that’s going on. Maybe even better you would like to share a link to your favorite Windows Phone 7 app but can’t through the Zune software.

This useful tip by ne2000 not only makes browsing simple but also gives you the ability of copying the link to your favorite Windows Phone 7 app. You are also able to purchase the apps but you will still need the Zune software for this.

Open your browser and go to Search

Once there click Featured Galleries, then click Top Windows Phone 7 apps. This will bring up the listing for all of the apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

More easily you can visit this link and save it in your favorites Top Windows Phone 7 apps on Bing.

Click to view Fullsize

Once on the search page you have several options to browse the apps, such as Top Paid, Newest Free, Newest Paid, Most Downloaded. You also have the ability to filter by Genre.

Once you click a thumbnail it opens a page with descriptions like in  the Marketplace, Download link to purchase/Download, screen shots, a window displaying top articles written about the app.

Once you are on the selected apps page you merely need to copy and paste the link from the address-bar to share your favorite app with family and friends.

For example this would be the link to the YouTube app:

Happy Browsing!

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