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Set, reset, change Internet Explorer Content Advisor settings & password

You can use the Internet Explorer Content Advisor settings to control what content can or cannot be viewed on your Windows computer. You can set, reset content advisor and its password easily or through the registry too.

Internet Explorer Content Advisor

To access Content Advisor in Internet Explorer, Open IE > Internet Options > Content tab.

Click on Enable Content Advisor. You can also Run, RunDll32.exe msrating.dll,RatingSetupUI to open the Content Advisor window directly.

Here you can decide on the internet content to allow, approve URL’s or block particular websites. Under the General tab, you can set or change the Supervisor password, which allows you to change content advisor settings.

Internet Explorer Content Advisor password lost

If for some reason you forget the Internet Explorer Content Advisor password you can always open regedit and navigate to


Here in RHS pane delete Key which stores the details.

Internet Explorer Content Advisor

Should you wish to completely reset Internet Explorer Content Advisor back to it’s default settings in the LHS pane you have to delete Ratings key in the left column.

Hope this helps.

Content Advisor is disabled by default in the recent versions of Internet Explorer. Learn how to enable Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 10 & IE 11.