How to send large files and attachments by Email

ZetaUploader is a freeware that lets you send large files through email. You can download and install the freeware or simply upload and send it via their website.

The Windows client now works without the need to ever log in. You can now change your e-mail adress and your password.

It now also supports multiple file upload through the normal website. This is done without any Flash or Silverlight component with the standard HTML5 multiple file upload feature.

You can use it if you are using Firefox,  Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support this multiple file upload feature.

ZetaUploader lets you select the file(s) to be sent, and then uploads your files as compressed packages to the ZetaUploader’s ¬†server and sends an email with the download link to the recipient.

Once you’ve sent the file through the ZetaUploader, this is how it appears. In this case, its my Gmail account.

ZetaUploader also gives you the options to password protect the download file and you can even set an expiry date for the files!

Know of any more such services? Please do share!

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  1. You do not need any additional service with the New Hotmail and you can send upto 10GB in attachments without cluttering the Inbox . It makes use of SkyDrive.

  2. Uwe

    Thank you very much for your great review of our service!

    Best regards
    Uwe (from Zeta Uploader)

  3. Another favorite option is File Apartment ( Easy to use, fast, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, free option, safe, and secure.

  4. What are the max limits for sending attachments in Zeta uploader?So even using photos , docs etc will be sent as zipped file? Receiver has to download and Unzip them?

  5. luke

    What about filenger? ( free, mail-based, no limitations.

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