How To Schedule Flickr Photo Uploads ?

There are so many tools to schedule your twitter updates and Facebook updates, but today we have an awesome tool to schedule your Flickr photo uploads. The scheduling updates are very much useful when you’re away from your Windows PC and you want the post to get automatically updated at the scheduled time. Likewise, now you can schedule your Flickr photo uploads and it will automatically upload the photos at your scheduled time.

FlickrQ is a simple online tool that lets you to schedule your uploads to Flickr. Queuing your photographs could not be quicker or easier! If you’re a pro-photographer or Flickr addict, you might have come across “photo of the day or 365 project image”, so using FlickrQ, you can Upload a photo of the day or 365 project image even if you can’t get to a computer.

You can also use FlickrQ for scheduling your uploads for the time of day that gets you the most interactions. Moreover FlickrQ is a web-based tool, so no downloads or software installations on your computer.

Let’s get started with FlickrQ, it is very simple. All you need to do is:

1. Signup for a FlickrQ account – its free !

2. Once you’ve done with registering, login with the password that has been sent to your email id.

3. Now configure your account.

4. You need Flickr upload email address, you can get it at Flickr, here.

5. Set the default upload interval and save changes.

6. All set! Now you can add photos – it uses a java applet to upload photos.

7. Upload your photos and set the description, title and tags

8. Set the “Upload to Flickr” time for each image. All done !

When trying out FlickrQ, I found that it is developed using WordPress and I really appreciate the developer because he has done a great job and the idea which he used behind FlickrQ is amazing.

Try out FlickrQ at!

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