How to improve Alexa rank of your website

Alexa ranking is provided by based on your blog traffic. But I have seen blog generating a lot of traffic, but still, their Alexa is not good enough. The reason is simple Alexa don’t know about them. In this tutorial, I will tell you a way by which you can improve your Alexa ranking within a week, and it is 100% working no fake promises.

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What is the Alexa Rank?

The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users) –

Improve Alexa ranking

To improve Alexa rank up to a point, just follow these simple steps:

1. Add Alexa Site Widget: As I said you need to let Alexa know about your blog, so what better way you can find than adding an Alexa site widget at your sidebar which let Alexa know about your pages when your visitors access them. Just put this widget and will assure you your Alexa rank will definitely be improved. If you wish to hide the Alexa widget from displaying on your site, you can do that too, by modifying the code. Search for this on the internet, and you will get the answer. UPDATE: Alexa widgets have been retired as of October 2016.

2. Install the Alexa toolbar: This also serves the same purpose as the Alexa site widget, as it sends information of a particular page to Alexa. It is available for various browsers on the Alexa website.

3. Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar: But like Alexa site widget which is available on each page and is helpful when a page is loaded either by you or your visitor, Alexa toolbar doesn’t serve the same purpose. It is helpful only when most of your visitor uses it. So encourage your visitors to use the Alexa toolbar.

4. Get reviews: Ask your friend and visitors to write a short review of your blog at Alexa, this will also help to improve Alexa ranking. You can use Alexa review widget for this.

5. Claim your Site: Claim ownership of your site to easily update your site information and engage your users by responding to reviews of your site.

Awhat’sats the use of a good Alexa rank?

Websites like,, etc. in general all paid review websites see your Alexa ranking. A low rank gives you higher paying posts. Most advertisers still check your traffic rank and Google PageRank if they are deciding to advertise on your blog.

Write Unique content & update your blog daily. Moreover, promote your post on social networking and social voting sites. These are some simple steps that you must do to improve your Alexa ranking. But the main thing is you do add Alexa Site Widget.

But ask yourself first … Is a high Alexa rank important?

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The author, Ritesh is a Desktop Application Developer who enjoys and learn new coding and web languages by experimenting and playing with them. Troubleshooting & Tweaking Windows is his favorite pastime.


  1. All these are myths may not work in my opinion , only posting quality content with SEO may bring traffic to your site.This is my personal opinion.

  2. Haresh

    Well, these are basic but effective tips. I’ve tried most of them and it often works.

  3. anupam

    how to claim wordpress blog on alexa

  4. anupam

    what are facebook bots ..
    plz reply

  5. Seferm

    Just have interesting articles on your website or blog. Then post the article across various website or blog. Readers will read it, and click to your site or blog. The more users come to your site, the higher your Alexa ranking! Simple!! Give a try and good luck!!!

  6. Thanks for the information. I now know more about Alexa page rank.

  7. thanks for sharing these tips, now i will increase my alexa rank

  8. kevin blumer

    improving your alexa ranking isnt that hard but you have to get more traifc its a shame they dont rank blog i think that would be entertaining

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