How to create Windows 7 Service Pack 1 slipstream Disc

Slipstreaming is the process of integrating a Service Pack to a Windows ISO. Thus you won’t have to spend another 30 minutes installing Service Pack once you have installed Windows.

The tool that will be used to do this is called RT Se7en Lite.  Apart from slip-streaming, it also lets you customize the Windows installation disc by removing components, integration of silent installers creating unattended installation etc.

However, we do not advise removing components during the installation process, as it could lead to possible problems later on. This tutorial therefore focuses only on how to use RT Se7en Lite to create a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 slipstream Disc.

First download the installer of RT Seven Lite from the link given after this article. Install the application and run the program. You will see the below screen. Click Browse Path and select the ISO file or the folder where you have copied the Windows 7 DVD contents. You cannot directly choose the DVD path.



Next select the Windows edition (Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium etc.) that you will be installing, check Slipstream disc and click OK.



Now select the service pack files that you have downloaded and click Start. The integration process will now begin.



Once it is done click Proceed.



You can also do some additional tweaks to the original installation which are not documented here. Now we will create a bootable ISO which can be written to a DVD. Click ISO-Bootable in the left pane.  Select the DVD drive and click Make ISO.

Download RT Seven Lite.

The Service Pack slipstream feature is available in version 2.60 beta.

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