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How to create a System Image Backup in Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a System Image Backup Tool, with which you can now backup or clone an image of your disk. You no longer need to use a 3rd party software to do it.

Create a System Image Backup in Windows 7

To create a System Image Backup in Windows 7, open Control Panel > Backup and Restore. In the LHS pane click on Create an image backup.

The System Image Backup Tool will open.

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Choose the destination location and click Next. Choose the drives you want to image and click Next again. Reconfirm and click Start.

The Backup process will start and an image will be created at the specified location.

The tool will create a copy of the drives required for Windows 7 to run. It can also include drives.

This system image can be used to restore your computer if your hard drive or computer stops working. But you cant choose individual items to restore using the UI – you will have to follow this trick to extract individual files. 

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