How to create a custom Email ID for your domain in Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the most popular and most widely used email service in the world right now. If you own a domain name and want to create a custom email ID associated with your domain name, you can easily do that using the Windows Live Admin Center. You will be able to use this email ID as Windows Live IDs and can use them with Windows Live Messenger, etc, just as you do with a normal @hotmail ID.

The first thing that you have to do before starting is to register a domain name (if you don’t already have one). After you have purchased a domain name, you can start the procedure.

To set up you custom email ID, first go to Click Get Started.


In the next page enter your domain name. As we want to setup an email account, select Setup Windows Live Hotmail for my domain. If you select the other option, you will be able to use you email ID with Windows Live Messenger but an email inbox will not be setup.


Next you will have to assign a Domain administrator. A domain administrator, as the name suggests is the one who will be managing the Admin Center account and can add or remove user accounts.


Now confirm the details that you have entered and accept the terms and conditions.


The next step is to prove the ownership of the domain and setup necessary MX records on your domain registrar/webhost  for the Hotmail to work with your domain name. You will be provided with the details to enter as shown below.



Usually these settings can be found under DNS Management option in your host/registrar’s control panel. If you aren’t sure how to add MX record via your host’s control panel, check their documentation or contact support. Here’s an example on how the DNS editor will look like.


Once you have finished adding the MX records, return to the above shown page and click refresh. Windows Live Admin Center will detect the MX changes and you can now start using your custom email ID from Hotmail. To add more accounts, just go to and click Manage Accounts in the left pane. From the right pane,select Add Accounts.

That’s it!

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