How to chat with your Facebook friends from Windows Live Messenger

As you must be knowing, Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta has been updated yesterday providing lots of improvements. One of the improvements is Facebook chat in Windows Live Messenger. This is significant, connecting Messenger’s ~300 million customers to Facebook’s ~500 million customers.

Let us see how to do this. In the earlier Beta, we got all the updates from Facebook contacts and other services. Now with this beta update we can chat with Facebook friends with Facebook chat integration.

Just sign-in to and click on Facebook , if you had already getting Facebook updates with your earlier version.

And check ‘Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger’ and click on Connect with Facebook.

Make sure the setting ‘Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger’  is saved.

If you are connecting to Facebook for the first time, you will have to go through some steps, just follow the screens you get as shown below.

Allow Facebook ,when it requests for permission.

Please note that at present this Facebook chat integration is available in few regions only.

Now when you sign-into Windows Live Messenger, you can see your friends from the Facebook and ‘Facebook chat’ ticked as shown below:

One can see as we hover the mouse over the names, ‘Networks: Facebook’ or both Windows Live Messenger and Facebook, if your friend has signed in to both.

Also in the chat window, just below the display picture we can see the Facebook icon.

Really, it’s a major improvement connecting millions of people across the 2 services. To connect such millions of customers  and to make it happen smoothly, Windows Live and Facebook both build up the needed back-end infrastructure. it has released this chat capability first in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany and Russia. And this will be expanded to other regions in due course of time.

You can update or download the Windows Live Essentials 2011 from Microsoft.

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  1. WizardCM

    Hmm, that tickbox doesn’t show up for me, so I can’t ‘Send IM (Facebook)’ at all. Anyone know why?

  2. Ankur Mittal

    Just change the country in your live profile to US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany and Russia and you would see the option.

  3. The Genuine Islam

    Wow , I didn’t know that. Thanks Vasudev@TWC

  4. Adi

    I am not able to see “chat with my facebook friends in messnger” option in my hotmail..plz help me

  5. Truth

    For some reason, when I grant permissions for it to work on facebook, the thing just loads and loads and loads and doesn’t work and eventually times out. What’s going on?

    It says it is not available everywhere, I live in ontario.

  6. Inosha


  7. mohammed kamara


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