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How to add alerts for folders and documents in Office 365

Office 365 launched last month for the public in its beta phase. It is one of the offerings which will be getting the focus of the SMEs as well as the large corporates in the coming times. One of my colleague, has reviewed Office 365 in a series of posts. So I am here to present you a very simple tutorial on “How to add alerts for  Documents, Site Pages, etc in Office 365”.

One reason for which Office 365 is there to stay, is not just because of the brand name “Office”, but also the collaboration it offers among various teams.

One such example is of setting alerts for your documents, site pages, site assets, etc.

To show you how you can do it, I will be using our User Group sponsored Office 365 beta account. Please follow these steps:

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Here you will see that you can set alerts for site pages, site assets, posts etc. Isn’t it cool ? You are updated about the latest changes which have been made, so you don’t have to figure what had happened, if you were out for few days. You can just log in to your account and check the mail.

I loved this feature because we don’t have such feature in the Office Web Apps. Office 365 sure lives up to its expectations!