How Old Do I Look website from Microsoft


  1. I just tried it with a phone pix and was guessed as a man about age 50…which is only 805 years too little (well, 5 years too little really, it’s just many have said I was born with an old soul); it may do better in future when it can read better images…I first tried with a DSLR digital photo, and the service displayed the uploaded image properly but said it couldn’t tell as currently images must be under 3MB size.

  2. I’m 65 and I got 54 so this means that this app is working correctly…. ha

  3. LOL, As long as the website says we are younger than what we actually are, I am sure it will continue to be popular. The moment it starts showing a figure, more than our real age, people will stop visiting it! 🙂

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