How many Windows Phones can you register per Live ID?


  1. Hi there,

    So i just got this message too but im having problems. As far as i know ive only used my lumia800 on my computer.. and my live id.. isnt really used on another device. ive not done much with my phone in a month apart from random app downloades and using the calls n text n internet. I tried following the steps youve listed. but on my zunt the marketplace has disappeared? when i click the acc>computrs and devices.. i dont get a list of devices. mine is blank. ad ive noticed.. your title says windows phone app marketplace.. mine says zube music pass computers and devices. any help on how i could solve this?

  2. I’m having a similar issue with my Windows Phone, suddenly. I tried to download a game, and it told me that my Windows Live ID is already being used on 5 devices, but I’ve only got the one phone (my wife has her own ID), and only used on one laptop. I tried to download something on her phone, and it was fine. Maybe it’s a glitch or something?

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