How Internet Explorer 9 caused a seismic shift in the way people use the web


  1. The biggest “seismic shift” cause by IE9 is that it cause more than 9 Million people to change over to Firefox or Chrome during the first 2 weeks of it’s final release and millions more make the change every day…just sayin’

  2. IE 9 is presently the best but lacks a better free version of Adblock. Simple Adblock is good but not totally free like Opera Adblock for Opera and Adblock Plus for firefox.

  3. Looking forward to IE 10 with better and totally free adblock. Adblock from Microsoft will be the better one. Or if the simple adblock pro is free, then it will be good.

  4. @JSG:
    Hey! I think you are mistaken. I told about adblock, he replied about site rating/site block(WOT). WOT is for knowing the site ratings and quality and also blocking sites. Parental Blocking also included. Please reply with knowledge!

  5. Sense you are harping on IE9s security…is this a good time to mention the zero-day security hole that can allow an attacker to steal any session cookies from any website…thus stealing your usernames, passwords, and any other relevant information?

  6. Yes, I did read about Clickjacking, Jim.

    Microsoft is not too worried about this zero-day hole in all versions of IE. Microsoft spokesman Jerry Bryant said, “Given the level of required user interaction, this issue is not one we consider high risk. In order to possibly be impacted a user must visit a malicious website, be convinced to click and drag items around the page and the attacker would need to target a cookie from the website that the user was already logged into.”

  7. Typical Microsoft micromentality cop-out…over exaggerate the severity and convince people it’s not really that bad.

    Just because a user has to click on something…does NOT mean the issue is not “high risk”…after all, who would be silly enough to play a puzzle game online…right?

  8. THIS!!!!

    Just the latest iteration of trash products from a company that innovates nothing! Try doing something simple, like sticking to standards. The best thing that could happen in a web developer’s life would be for IE to go away.

  9. what does “best” mean? What does it offer that other browsers do not? There is no legitimate basis for your claim.

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