Hotmail’s war on Graymail – Filters out over 100 million email

We have already seen Hotmail’s new features to fight graymail introduced a couple of months back. We have also seen how Microsoft has been improving its filtering technology, with great success in fighting Graymail. 

The Sweep and Schedule Cleanup tools, my favorite one’s are best way to cleanup your overloaded Inbox with Graymail in a jiffy. And you can even automate your Inbox for future. Now it has been almost 90 days since these cool features were introduced. Hotmail users are carrying on their war on graymail using these cool features and have conquered graymail over 100 million times in this period, quickly taking control of their inbox.

Hotmail rightly distinguishes between True Spam and Graymail. Graymail actually are messages like newsletters, daily deals, social updates notifications which we ourselves have subscribed to. These alone form a majority of our Inbox. Over the past year, Newsletters alone have increased by 300%.

Newsletter increase

Hotmail provides features like Categories, using which it automatically categorizes them like newsletters, social updates, photos, Office docs etc. Even we can add our own Category. One-click unsubscribe lets you get rid of unwanted newsletters instantly. Sweep lets you move or delete unwanted graymail quickly. It can even automatically set up rules for future,  managing new mail as it arrives. Using Schedule Cleanup you can – Keep only the latest message from a given sender, delete or move messages as they get old and we can schedule them according  to period of being old (3 days, 10 days, 30 days, or 60 days). And all this can be automated for future mails as they arrive. This makes it one of the favorites of Hotmail users.

Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager, Hotmail in his blog post has provided statistics on how users are making use of these features:

    • 90% of Sweep actions are “Delete all from this sender.”
    • When you use Sweep to move mail from a given sender into a folder, you let Sweep automatically set up a rule 60% of the time.
    • 65% of Schedule Cleanup actions are “Only keep the latest message from this sender.”

There is an increasing use of these powerful tools. “Each month, more people use Sweep and Schedule Cleanup to get rid of their graymail. In fact, we’ve seen a double-digit increase in the use of these features month-over-month since our October release.” – Observes Dick Craddock.

All these powerful tools are very easy to use. Hotmail has provided a small video demoing these features and showing how you can take back your own Inbox in just 60 seconds.

If you haven’t tried them, give it a try, and share your experience here.

You might want to also check out Hotmail’s cool new improved flag feature, which pins your important mail to the top!

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  1. redk9258

    I just wish they would stop hackers from getting into Hotmail accounts and sending spam out. Is it really that hard to lock an account if someone tries to log in with the wrong password 10 times or something? Especially if the login is coming from an ip address that doesn’t match the one you usually have.

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