Hotmail vs GMail – Feature Comparison Chart


  1. Very Hotmail biased…you fail to mention Gmail’s support for imap, also Gmail has the “labs” feature that allows users to try new features.

  2. ^ Point taken.

    The chart is sourced from Microsoft; and although I use both Hotmail & GMail, with Hotmail as my primary account, let me assure you that I personally am no way biased against any 🙂

  3. Hotmail does have this priceless feature of linking together multiple Hotmail accounts and letting you quickly switch between them.

  4. You are surprised by a MS bias on a site called Windowsclub? I personally use Gmail, but what you have to remember is that Microsoft is desperate to get a victory (any victory) on the net.

    Lets look at Bing (which if its developers had checked, according to the dictionary means ” A heap or pile”) It can’t take on Google. Look at the browsers and see IE being eaten into by the alternatives.

    Look at the Plurk incident or shall we mention ActiveX?

    The list goes on and what about mentioning the extra feature of hotmail which sees an ad stuffed at the bottom of your message? or have I got that wrong too?

    Forgetting all that though, Microsoft may well not be in the position its in today if it had remembered that users just want things that work. The extra bells and whistles are only important after thats done. I don’t see google having to reinvent its mail in order to push it. I think that says it all and maybe also explains why Microsoft had a campaign to feed the homeless if you downloaded IE.

  5. Google rocks bcoz it just makes things works and let u focus on the job. I any day prefer google and apple to microsoft

  6. As Tyler said this is very HotMail biased.Definitely taken from Microsoft 🙂 . GMail allows more advanced features and more customization..
    And i don’t remember having free email fowarding in LiveMail aka HotMail

  7. bloody biased by Microsoft. Gmail is the best. No matter how big Microsoft Corporation is, But the fact is hotmail couldn’t compete gmail in emailing. Gmail really rocks, works smoothly.

  8. You’re all complaining that this is biased, and yet most of you are saying Gmail is the best “because it is”. I use Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo, and while the first two are both very good, I overall prefer Hotmail because it’s got less of the flashy features (themes) that I don’t really care about, but is very efficient and has all the things I do want.

  9. In free versions hotmail shows very intrusive ads including some that tend to be confusing, like making you think you are about to fill up a survey and you are really subscribing a premium cell text messages, while at Gmail you have ads too, but are quite quite less intrusive and when you take a look at them, they very accurate.

  10. Even though I use Gmail I stil give credit to Microsoft. I mean, their getting much less credit than they should. It seems their getting no credit for anything apart from 97% of the computers in the world are built in with Windows.

    Apple is awesome too. Also Google. I don’t really use Bing much.

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