Hotmail updates its Sign-in page, Website and Help Center

As you know, Hotmail is gradually rolling out its new version with lots of new features, which we have been covering here. Hotmail has now also come up with a new Hotmail Sign in page, focusing on getting Hotmail on Smartphones. And among the depicted Smartphones, iPhone gets more attention. And why not!? Although Windows Phone is fast emerging as a popular option,there are already over 2 million iOS 5 devices connected to Hotmail and adding 100K more daily! In fact now, iOS 5 upgrade even provides for a separate Hotmail option now!

If you browse to, you will see a nicely designed and updated Hotmail site

Also check out the Hotmail Help center.

In fact, the complete Windows Live Help center has got a new look.

So check out if you already have the New Hotmail rolled out for your account with new features or not, and let us know in the comments.

If you want to know about the new features in the New Hotmail then check some of our posts-

Have a nice day!

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