Hotmail updated with new modern web app features and keyboard shortcuts

Watching how users have been using other mail clients like Outlook and picking from the favorite features users have liked in Outlook, Hotmail 2011 has now been updated with some of these features to work just how users use them in Outlook.

Improvements and New Features:

  • Improved – How the Back button works.
  • Improved – How Attachments are saved with your email drafts.
  • If you accidentally delete a message. Inside your Deleted folder, there is now an option to Recover some of your lost messages. See Screenshot
  • Speed improvements for your Inbox combining a use of smart programming and HTML 5.
  • Though not entirely new with this update Hotmail has also added a feature called Message Pre-Loading. Pre-Load messages to make it faster to move between messages.

Many more features have been added although they have not been announced in detail.



  • Set Default Font through Hotmail Options.
  • Set Personal Signature for all your email messages.

Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Added, Reply, Replay All and Forward to Message Right-Click Menu.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts just like Outlook, Ctrl+N for New Message and Ctrl+Enter to Send Message.
  • For users used to using Yahoo Mail and Gmail, support for popular shortcuts from these clients have been added to Hotmail.


The full list of available shortcuts for Hotmail is available at Windows Live Hotmail Help Center.

To switch your Inbox from using the standard Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts to either Gmail or Yahoo Mail Keyboard Shortcuts, go to the keyboards shortcuts options page from your Inbox.

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