Hotmail app for Kindle Fire released

Microsoft is making sure that its Hotmail users can access Hotmail from any device and also get a rich experience in the process. That’s why they are releasing apps for various device platforms, and they will continue to invest in it making it easier for users with several advantages over the native device app. It has already released a Hotmail app for Android and for iOS5 devices also. The Hotmail Team has just announced the Hotmail app for Kindle Fire.

hotmail on Kindle Fire

There are over 12 million active Hotmail users on iOS and over 3 million active Android app users. Moreover, almost 100,000 new iOS 5 devices are being set up with Hotmail every day. With this cool app, the numbers can only grow!

Advantages of Hotmail app over native Kindle Fire app

This Hotmail app has several advantages over the native Kindle Fire app. While the native app, simply downloads your mail via POP3, the Hotmail app works on more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol. You can view your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders. The Hotmail app can sync all your mail, contacts, folders, and sub folders.

There are variety of customization options available. You can nickname the account and you can set the options for how many messages from the past to be displayed. You also have the option to truncate messages to display headers only or the entire message up to 100KB.

You can download the Hotmail app for Free from the Kindle Store.

Although I haven’t tried the Hotmail app for Kindle Fire yet, I’m sure you’ll have a great Hotmail experience on Kindle Fire as I have experienced these apps on other devices. 

If you are a Kindle Fire user, share your experiences here for the benifit of others.

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