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HoneyView Review: Free fast Image Viewer Software for Windows

HoneyView, a free image viewer software that allows you to view and edit the selected images or the entire folder in Windows 8. It lets you view images even in compressed files, without needing to extract them first. There are various transition effects that you can apply during the slideshow of your images. The User Interface of the software is well-designed, and even first timers can easily use this free image viewer application, without making much effort.

HoneyView Review

Features of HoneyView, a free image viewer for Windows

Although HoneyView is a small application, it is quite reliable and performs its task very quickly and perfectly. After installing the software, a “Convert and view with Honeyview” option will automatically appear.

Some of the features of the HoneyView free image viewer software are as follows:

How to use HoneyView

The HoneyView software is fully customizable as per your needs. In order to select the image, all you need to do is to click on the bottom left most icon. After selecting that particular image you can view the entire image present in that folder by clicking on next and previous button. You can even click on “Select Image (enter)” button to view the list of all the images in the folder.

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After that you can zoom in, zoom out the image, lock controls and change the image by clicking on next or previous icon. AlsoHoneyView displays EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) information.

There is also a drop down button available on top of the main window. These are:

HoneyView download

HoneyView is a very useful tool for you if you have lots of photographs in your system. Here not only you can view the slideshow of the selected photographs, but also you can resize them according to your height and width. Visit its home page to download this freeware. The portable version of the software is available and it hardly takes any time to get it downloaded. The best part of the software is that it is supported by almost all versions of the Windows operating system.