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History of the Digital Camera – PDF & Slideshow

Almost everyone loves photographs as they are moments captured forever in different formats. Some like saving their memories in printed format while other keep digital albums. With mobile phones and tabs providing camera features it becomes easier for people to not only capture a moment but also to share it right away with others. Ever wondered how the first camera looked like. As far as I can remember, the first camera I saw was one that had to be inserted a roll of photo-sensitive plastic. Looking into the past, we got some best camera moments. We’ve arranged them into a presentation (PPT) – history of digital camera. PDF form is also available towards the end of the post.

Visual History of the Digital Camera

Please note that this presentation does not contain all the glorious moments from the history of the digital camera. It simply shows you the game changer cameras that brought in a new technique.  If you think we missed any important point, please share it with others here.

Presentation Transcript For (Differently Abled) People Using Browser Audio

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History of the Digital Camera PDF Format : Download.

Assisted By Swagat Karnany.