Hinge attachment in Surface Book – All you need to know

Surface Book was introduced as a laptop Powerhouse. And indeed, it is a powerhouse. It has a huge battery; it is a portable ultrabook. It is so portable that you can just take out the display and bring it to the Clipboard mode and use it with the touchscreen display. This is really impressive. But one of the most interesting backbones of this ultrabook was the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge.

Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge in Surface Book

This Hinge plays a very important role in the functioning of the ultrabook. This is due to the fact that both the keyboard attachment and the display are really heavy and needs to be properly calibrated to support each other. At the same time, the design team at Microsoft wanted to make it a great experience for the user too.

Microsoft opted in to use Aluminium and Stainless steel parts to build it. This brings in the premium feel as well as durability to the device as well. When the lid of the device is down, it makes a kind of a gap between the display and the keyboard attachment which raised a question initially between the fans against the durability of the device. But as the device got into the hands of the public, the device proved its durability.

If you are a fan of the Yoga Convertible Series from Lenovo, you might be disappointed as the lid rough goes back to about 125 degrees, and if you wish to get it even further back, you need to get out the display and put it back in the reversed order. But now you won’t be able to use the physical keyboard as it is intended to.

Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge in Surface Book

Another thing with the Surface Book worth knowing is that you cannot arrange the hinge once you detach the display. This means that if you manage to detach the display at an unusual position, it might get difficult for you to reattach it because the hinge would not move at all when the display is detached.

So, the main component inside the whole mechanism is the Muscle Wire Lock. It is named so because it has a tendency of working just like a human muscle. It is made up of Nitinol which is a Nickel and Titanium Alloy. This wire has a tendency to contract when the electric current is flowing through it. This means that whenever the clipboard is attached to the keyboard attachment, some electric current starts to flow through the Muscle Wire lock and it contracts just to lock the whole mechanism.

Wrapping up, we may conclude that Microsoft is bringing it on with the awesome work it is doing with hinges. They have been known for the great kickstand on the Surface Pro tablets and the Surface Studio but what they did with the Surface Book is taking the innovation to the next level.

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