Hijack Hunter: Scan Your Windows PC for sucpicious elements

Hijack Hunter is a comprehensive application which scans your Windows computer system thoroughly and detects the suspicious behavior of your system and displays a detailed report. It reports running processes, and includes a list of startup programs, kernel mode info, Drivers, BHO’s, Registry keys, loaded modules, and much more.

hijack hunter

Hijack Hunter is a portable program and launching it is as easy as using it. You can use the program without installing it on your computer system. Just launch the program and it automatically starts scanning your system. Usually the application takes around 10-15 minutes to scan all your files in the system. The main overview of the program lets you choose the action. hijack hunter screenshot

Once the scan is completed, the program saves the report in a plain textual content file and displays the list of modules, running processes and so on. It also displays the startup, hosts file, boot file, and BHO information in its report, letting you manage these directly from within. For example, if it shows some startup program in the scan log you can take the action directly and remove it. You can further save the report on log folder or save it on your desktop.

Other highlighted settings of Hijack Hunter includes the re-enabling of core system features in your computer system, like Registry Editor, Windows Firewall, Safe Mode, Task Manager, default IE URLs etc. Restorer section it offers repairs for hijacked Windows settings and makes the things working again.

hijack hunter restorer

The files listed in the scan log report might not be malware necessarily so, don’t start removing them. It is recommended to check those files in search engine, research a bit and then decide if it is a real threat or not. The Delete File Function allows you to delete the spotted virus in your system, but it is not advisable to delete any file without proper research.

To sum up, Hijack Hunter is a nice utility to scan your Windows System. Though it might not be that simple for non-techie people but then again, they can always take the help of search engines to understand the files listed in the log file.

Hijack Hunter free download

Go get it here. Recommended for advanced experienced Windows users only.

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  1. Dan

    Although the download site says ‘Hijack Hunter” was last updated in January 2011, that need not be a bar to its efficacy on all Windows systems; MajorGeeks is still pushing a version of “Hijack This” bearing last update in 2005 (still usable on XP), and even Emisoft’s (VERY dangerous for non-advanced users to use) “BlitzBlank” at Emisoft’s own site moments ago shows last update December 2010; it’s what these utilities show that matters, and except for platform compatabilities not much usually needs updating. I know supreme computer experts don’t need to know that, but some consumer-level users might worry if they see a 2010 last update for “Hijack Hunter”. Cheers!

  2. CMPro Teams

    May you help me to solve this problem, (This webpage wants to run the following add-on: ‘Adobe Flashrumtime’ Adobe system Incorporated’ .) after installing Adobe Flash Player new version 14.00.145 please ?
    Urgently need your help please ? Ty

  3. If it is some LEGITIMATE website that you trust, which is prompting you, you may or may not chose to install the Adobe Flash plugin. It must be some advt or some part of the content, which may be requiring this plugin. If you have already installed the Adobe Flash Player (the real thing and not some malware masquerading as one), you may allow it to run. If in doubt, simply uninstall this plugin or software.

  4. Guest

    I mean that when I click the Allow or Allow For All Websites, page(s) will reloaded again and the pup-up still active and nothing happen. Hope you understand and help!!!

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