High DPI Cursor Changer: High quality cursors for Windows 8

DPI stands for Dots per Inch and it is a term used to measure the clarity and display related aspects of an image or anything else that shows up on monitor screen. Most of us might have noticed that while using our Windows PC on high DPI settings, the cursors start showing broken black outlines, or they look like stretched images. There is a solution to this problem. Remember this only works for Windows 8. To fix this issue we need to download a free and open source software called ‘High DPI Cursor Changer‘.

According to the developer of this software:

Windows 8 automatically changes the size of mouse pointers (cursors) depending on DPI settings of display. The relations between DPI and the size of cursors are roughly as follows:

  • 100% : 32×32 pixel
  • 150% : 48×48 pixel
  • 200% : 64×64 pixel

This is done by the OS’s selecting one image from multiple images of different sizes contained in a cursor file. The problem is that Windows 8’s standard cursor files have only 32×32 pixel and 48×48 pixel images. It will cause, when DPI is set to 200%, an image of smaller size than 64×64 pixel to be stretched and such cursor will show dirty outlines.

What this utility basically do is, it replaces all the stock cursors with high DPI supported cursors so that whenever you switch to high DPI settings the cursors are perfect, non-blurred and focused. The default pack of cursors are similar to Windows 8 cursors, so there is no chance of disturbing the Windows 8’s originality. The default pack of cursor contains 10 normal cursors and 2 Animated Cursors.

cursor list

There are 12 cursors that can be replaced, but you can even replace all the cursors, only one from there or selected cursors. If you didn’t liked the work this software, you can even reset the cursors to default by simply pressing ‘Reset to Default’ button. The program is very easy to use and operate. It is a portable one which sizes just 161 KBs.

High DPI cursor changer

This utility does its task really fast and gets the best results instantly – and is surely worth a try. For the Windows 8 users who has high DPI settings may want to use this freeware. It is portable and does not require an installation.

Click here to download High DPI Cursor Changer.

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