High DPI Cursor Changer: High quality cursors for Windows 8


  1. I don’t understand.. you can use these larger mouse cursor from the Mouse Properties panel accessible from the Control Panel. This option was there since for ever in Windows.

    So I don’t get the point of this software. Useless software is useless.

  2. I refer to the “closed hand”, the one that appears when you close an application by dragging it down. This kind of cursor is not present in the system cursors folder!

  3. The ‘grasp.cur’ file is not available in the default package but you can download this file from any other external source!

  4. that’s strange! I’ve been researching for this cursors for hours but i haven’t found any appropriate source. But don’t worry as soon i find a good source of this cursor file. I’ll surely share it here,

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