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Camouflage your secret folders using Disguise Folders for Windows 7/8/10

A few days back, we talked about how you could hide folders in Windows 10, Windows 8/7 and Windows Vista. Today we are introducing to you a novel TWC app – an ingenious way to hide your folders in Windows 7/8/10.

Our 13 year TWC forum member Paras Sidhu is at it again – he has developed for TWC, Disguise Folders, a free tool that lets you camouflage your secret folders and allows you to disguise them as system folders.

Disguise Folders for Windows

Lets say you want to hide folder and don’t want anyone looking for it. Use Disguise Folders to make it look and act like say Windows Update or Recycle Bin!

How it works:

Try clicking this Windows Update folder and you will actually see Windows Update opening!

To recover your old folder:

Its a safe, for-fun kind of an app and in no way messes with your original system folders.

Download Disguise Folders v1 and check it out for yourself and have fun using it!

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