Hekasoft is a free backup and restore tool for Browsers and Software

Thinking of creating a backup of your important data? Surely, you must hurry up. But it’s not just those important files and folders that you need to take care of but your browser profiles need backup as well. For that, we have a bunch of free Imaging, Backup and Recovery software. But you may also want to back up user profiles and settings of your main software including browsers.

Free backup and restore tool for software user profiles & settings

browser backup and restore

Hekasoft backup and restore is a simple freeware which can backup and restores user profiles for all the main Windows software and browsers. Apart from browser profiles you can also backup and restore other important softwares present on your system.

Supported Browsers Applications

The long list of supported applications includes Avant Browser, Comodo Dragon, Comodo IceDragon, FileZilla, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Lunascape, Maxthon 3/4 Cloud, Midori, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Pale Moon, Rockmelt, Safari, Skype, Slimboat, SRWare Iron, uTorrent, Waterfox, Wyzo and Yandex.

Hekasoft Backup and Restore

As mentioned earlier, you can also backup and restore important software by simply clicking Options first.

backup and restore

Next select Add Software and then add files and folders whose backup has to be created.

backup and restore

How to backup and restore browser profile using Hekasoft

Before we actually go through the backup and restore procedure, it is worth mentioning about the interface of the application. The interface is a small primary window very easy to navigate. The programs are well displayed on the primary window, making it very easy to select and use the tabs.

To start with the backup and restore process all you have to do is to select the target application from the drop down menu as shown below. You will also have to choose whether you want to Backup or Restore.

backup and restore

As you decide on your action you will be prompted to select the location where you want to save your backed up file or restore from that selected location. Below I have created a folder to save my backup file.

backup and restore

Once you have selected the location, just click on Start tab, and you will see your task being completed through the progress window until you get the “Complete” notification.

backup and restore

Will you use Hekasoft Backup and Restore?

I would say “YES” because even though Hekasoft is just a basic interface for a list of application folders, it is genuinely useful and completes the operation within a few seconds even if you are using it for the first time. This freeware consumes very low CPU and RAM, and does not affect your PC performance or disrupts other system activity. Worth a look, definitely!

Hekasoft backup & restore download

The application can be downloaded from two resources, first is the standard download that has additional third-party software while the second is the No-sponsor download that contains only the chosen software. It is recommended to download the software from No-sponsor link. Download Hekasoft from here.

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