Heimdal Security Free: Safeguard Windows from security exploits in vulnerable software

Heimdal Security Free will identify outdated and vulnerable software that is installed on your Windows computer and offer to update them for you automatically. It will close critical security vulnerabilities in your software so that cybercriminals will not be able to exploit vulnerabilities in them.

Heimdal Security Free

Heimdal Security Free

Heimdal Security Free will shield your Windows computer from security exploits by updating vulnerable software. It will basically shield your system against unofficial activities that could ruin your machine. It is a simple security application which allows Windows user to update all third-party applications those are running on the computer. It offers a one-touch solution for outdated and possibly vulnerable programs and installs the latest version of it.

Like other Software Update Checkers, this free tool too will scan your computer for installed software and tell you if any updates are available and even offer to update them for you. These outdated programs under the hood of Windows might contain vulnerabilities that could open your system to malware attacks. Heimdal runs a vulnerable software scanner and offers a list of all outdated software to the user.

Users can jump over to “Software” tab under Hemidal application to see all (up-to-date, outdated) applications. From there one can either select all or one application and can update them. You can check the status of all updated application under “Statistics” tab. A log file is also created by Heimdal, which one can also refer to check what’s going on.

Some important highlights of Heimdal Security Free are as follows:

1. Simple and easy to use UI

2. Identifies and automatically updates 3rd-party software on any computer it is installed upon so that cybercriminals won’t be able to take advantage of any vulnerability.

3. It’s “set-and-forget” security solution for your Windows. It adapts to your system and keeps you safe without affecting your system’s performance.

4. Ability to run in the background and silently monitor your system for threats at work hours.

5. Lightweight tool, even the free version seems worth using.

Heimdal Security software comes in three variants; free or non-commercial, professional and corporate edition. You can download the free version from its homepage.

Hope you find the utility useful!

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