Head-to-Head comparison: Windows Live Essentials Vs Apple iLife

Here is a head-to-head comparison of Application Suites of Windows Live Essentials against Apple iLife. The chart says it all! Have a look!









Chart last updated on 03/15/2010, so it doesn’t include various new features of Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta Refresh released recently. Source: Windows Live Preview.

What do you think!?

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  1. Kyle

    windows live essentials OWNS all

  2. John keller

    You neglected to mention that iLife is free on all Macs

  3. Mike

    It’s always easy to cherry pick options your suite has that the other doesn’t. For example, why don’t they point out that Movie Maker no longer allows capture from your webcam while iMovie does?

  4. AnonGuy

    You have to pay for updates for iLife. Some people have older Macs and have to buy it. Not everyone gets a completely new computer every 2 years, you know 🙂

  5. AnonGuy

    I still don’t see why that would be an issue, unless you’re a video blogger? WLMM 2011 allows WebCam capture, BTW. Most WebCams on Windows come with software that allow you to do this, and most times it is better than an OEM solution. Apple can do this well on Macs because they design both the Hardware and Software. That makes it much easier for them.

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