Guess who owns & !!!


  1. This does not surprise me. It is just a way for Microsoft and Google to prevent people from registering those names. If you look Google also owns, .org, etc. Companies often register domain names they never plan on using for the sole purpose of protecting their brands.

  2. If Microsoft owns Bing Sucls and Bing I hope that Bill Gates and his wife gets AIDS and dies a slow painful death

  3. Amazing. I guess I need to make a marveldcforumsucks .com for marveldcforum .com This is a crazy corporate strategy!!!

  4. I don’t know if they (Microsoft and Google) registered the domains themselves originally, but they may have seen someone using them and requested the registrar turn the domain names over to them. That happened to me back in early 2000-2001. I purchased and for an ecommerce website selling laptop prodcuts (Connect Globally, Inc.). That was when google was just becoming popular and I was (successfully) trying to capitalize on their name. A few months went by and we received a cease and desist letter from Google demanding we turn the domain name over to them or stop using it. We stopped using it and let it expire instead of “giving” it to them. Point is, they can pretty much take the names from you if it has their name in it and you are trying to use it for profit.

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