Is Google shifting its focus from Innovation to Advertising?

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  1. You don’t find it a touch ironic that this page is littered with Google stuff and that we might well have never have had chance to read your views at all if it wasn’t for their lately found nous for making money?

    You’re right about Google+, of course. We’ve all got it but nobody ever uses it. Trouble is I think that is largely true of most of the disappearing products too. We’ve all got a Google start-up page, we all use Google Reader, but did we really ever exploit them or were they just there like the wallpaper in the bedroom that we haven’t changed for years. There’s been a lot of fuss made about the closing of these and other services but how much of it is genuine sense of loss and how much just the fact that we might have to go look at some other stuff and … sigh … redecorate?

  2. I use Google + more than Facebook or Twitter. All my techie friends are on there. Facebook is ok for old high school friends, and see funny posts, and Twitter for funny quick things with a dash of quality info, but Google + is the place for those of us who like good articles, and a nice place to browse current content from tech to farming.

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