Spell Up, new Chrome Experiment that tests your spelling prowess

The English language has been, over the years, developed from several different language families, and being a complete master in English spellings is extremely difficult. But Google’s new project Spell Up can help you with that. Spell Up is a word game designed to help you in improving your English language and your vocabulary using your own voice.

Google Spell Up

Google Spell Up

Google Spell Up is a browser-based game which uses Google’s voice recognition and speech synthesis to help users learn English spelling and pronunciation. The game has many levels and users have to build “towers” of words by telling the correct spelling. The voice recognition based game speaks a word and the user has to spell it back, to build the tower.

Spell Up urges the user to speak out loudly to your computer and spell certain words. The game starts with spellings and moves on to different tasks of English language, like words scramble, guessing the mystery words, fill in the blanks and pronouncing games. The challenges get difficult with each level, and higher the tower gets, the more difficult are the word challenges. Players can also earn bonuses and coins to build the tower faster.

Google Spell Up has been created in partnership with game designers and teachers to make it entertaining as well as educational at the same time. It makes use of the following technologies:

  1. Web speech and Test to speech APIs
  2. Dictionary API
  3. CSS3 and Canvas
  4. Vibration API
  5. Web Audio
  6. Google web fonts
  7. Google Translate API
  8. Google App engine
  9. Google Play Game services
  10. Google+ API
  11. Google Cloud Storage.

You can play, enjoy and learn with Spell UP on your Windows PC as well as on Android phones and tablets. But being a Google project the game works best in Chrome browser. Check out the video to know more about the interesting and interactive game Spell Up.

You can test your spelling skills at chrome.com/spellup.  Do let us know if you enjoyed playing this game and find it useful.

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