How to use Google Spaces, a group sharing app on Windows

Joining a social media group or chat is a great way to share ideas with others. The more ‘social’ a network gets, the bigger the group of friends and contact becomes. That said, getting all friends into the same app can be challenging. That’s where Spaces from Google comes into play. Google Spaces is a new messaging app that helps you build a better group and share experiences by getting people together instantly.

Spaces from Google

Google Spaces app makes the task of finding and sharing important articles, videos and images pretty simple that too without even leaving the app. This is made possible by integrating all the services – Search, YouTube, and Chrome inside the app.

You can create a Space on any topic of interest by simply selecting it and inviting anyone via messaging, email, a social network.

Spaces 1

To create a space, hit the ‘Create Space’ button.

Then, invite friends via Facebook or writing a mail. The best part of the app is it does not require you to signup. You can simply use your regular, generic Google password to participate in Spaces conversations.


Spaces 4

Once you have the Space created, two basic views are offered:

  1. Space view – Has chat service like appearance. In the desktop version, it can be seen on the left side of your screen while posts and comments appear in round-corner bubbles.
  2. Activity stream – This view is very similar to the Twitter app. In the desktop version, the view occupies the right side of your screen. Unlike the Desktop version of the view which requires regular refreshing, the mobile version of it auto-refreshes without any action on your part.

If you want to share a link to an important post or add a picture, select the corresponding icon visible at the bottom of the screen.

Spaces 3

When someone shares something new to a Space you created, the conversational view lets you check the development without requiring you to move anywhere.

If you would like to access any of your post shared earlier, a quick search in the upper corner of the screen is there for you. It can be pulled up in a snap.

The launch of the service from Google received more criticism than enthusiasm. Possibly, since it already has services like Google+, Hangouts and social features inside many of its other services, such as YouTube.

Spaces is available on different platforms such as Windows Desktop, Android and iOS. Give it a try and create your first space today. Go here to get started.

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