Google Sky lets you view celestial objects

You have heard of Google Earth, but had you heard of Google Sky? This online Sky Map tool lets you view celestial objects like,  stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, etc. Google Earth entices users with its ability to fly to and from anywhere on Earth, Google Sky, wows the users with its ability to move around stars. It brings a new view of the sky and lets you view celestial objects with an exciting way to explore the universe and browse the sky.

Google Sky

Google Sky

If you are a Google Earth user, you can switch to Google Sky with just a single click. Google Sky brings an accurate and fascinating look of outer space with the collaboration of Hi-resolution images from NASA, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Hubble Telescope. Google Sky allows you to navigate the day and night sky and to pinpoint the items of your interest like stars, constellations and planets.

How Google Sky Works

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You can switch between Sky, Earth, Moon or Planet Mars with just a small button. It even shows a north and a south hemisphere. The tool will show you the stars and constellations according to the point of earth you stay.

Some of the major features of Google Sky includes Moon in Motion and Planet in Motion. It shows the exact position of planets according to the place of observation. It also shows the paths of planets and Moon across the sky, but that again depends upon your location on Earth. Just click on Moon and find out how bright it is or how far it is from Earth. You can also find the size, magnitude and distance of planets just by clicking over them.

Another wonderful feature of Google Sky is the wonderful gallery of incredible pictures showing various facets of the space. The Google Skymap shows the graphical representation of Sky based on the pictures sent by NASA. Gallery include the pictures from various galaxies, black holes, stellar winds and much more.

In a nutshell Google Sky is a remarkable feature of Google Earth that opens a new way for earth navigators and makes it possible for the users to see every detail of sky and space with naked eye. Traveling in the sky was never so easy.

Download Google Sky and explore the far reaches of our universe. Learn more about Google Sky from this video.

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