Power Searching With Google – Tips To Strengthen Your Search Skills

Google recently conducted a free online power searching course under the guidance of the company’s senior research scientist, Daniel Russell. The long 650 minutes course aimed at empowering Google Search users to find what they needed faster, no matter what they were looking for.

If you have missed this official online course due to some reasons but would still like to access it and learn again, you may check out the ‘Power searching with Google’ course from its home page. The course educates users about the powerful advanced tools that Google provides to help its users find the right and accurate information.

To familiarize you with its contents, the course has been divided into 6 classes, with each class offering lessons to learn and activities to test, practice and improve your search skills.

  1. Introduction
  2. Interpreting results
  3. Advanced techniques
  4. Finding facts faster
  5. Checking your facts
  6. Putting all together

Power Searching with Google

  • Each class is divided into multiple lessons supported with videos, text documents and activities to test your search skills. Check out the screen-shot below.
  • Let us consider an example of Class 3, lesson 1. You will observe that when you click on the link highlighted in blue you are directed to a page which lists lessons and activity associated with each lesson, arranged in an alternate manner in the left pane of class’ window.
  • A video ready to be played occupies the center position and acts as the main focus of the lesson.
  • If you find the video description too fast or speedy, you can switch to ‘Text Version’ of the video by clicking on ‘Text Version’ button just above the video. It opens the text document in Google Docs.
  • Also, if you would like to access the presentation of the lesson in a slide-based format (Class 3 lesson 1) simply, find and click on the ‘Access lesson 3.1 slides here’ link in the first para of the text version of the lesson.
  • The presentation will give you an overview of the class’ lesson in a new window.

We have already introduced you to Google Search Operators and Tips. But if any of you are looking at strengthening your search skills and willing to learn more about Google’s powerful advanced tools, visit the Google Search Education Page and give their online course a try.

Want to hone your skills further? Then Advanced Power Searching with Google may also interest you.

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