Introduction to Google Search Operators, Tips, Hacks

We all know the power of Google. The enormous amount of information which Google has indexed and accumulated is phenomenal and no one can imagine the uses of such kind of information. Algorithms used by Google in finding or searching the strings is highly optimized but still we don’t sometimes see the results we want.

To filter out those information a separate terminology has evolved over the years known as Google Operators or loosely refereed to as Google Hacks.

Google hacking is nothing but just searching effectively using search operators. The positive side of Google hacking is that if you are good at Google hacking than you can optimize your searches over the Internet and you will see that you get better and efficient results because now you know how to effectively use the Internet.

Some of the most commonly used command or operators used are:

google operators

For example : To find a specific web page on the website like courses in an educational website

Type courses in the search box at the Google and you will see the results.

Here is taken arbitrarily assuming that such site exist. Likewise, there are many such uses of such operators.

Useful links: Google Basic Search Help | Google Advanced Search Help.

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